About Us

Green Mountain Fire & Hammer began in 2002 and was officially named in 2006. I started in a small shed and have recently relocated to a larger shop in South Ryegate. I've been forging for 10 years and plan on doing so for a long time to come. I pride myself on my designs and workmanship. Working closely with clients for custom orders is always a pleasure. I enjoy bringing their creative sides out and creating a piece they are proud to own.

We started the Web Site in 2006 and are pleased with how far it's come. Each piece is truly hand forged and unique, nothing is ever identical. That's the beauty of hand forging. Remember that what you see on these pages can be the starting point for anything you imagine. There is no limit.

My desire to blacksmith started with a simple banana stand, a dream and the love and support of two special women, Joanna and Mom. Thank you

I believe you cannot get anywhere alone in this life and there are many people I'd like to thank for their support and encouragement. Here, I'm sure, are only a handful. My father, John, sister Lori, brother John, my son James, Gary, Jimmy, Christine, Kathryn and my apprentices Zac and Tom.

Blacksmithing is as old as the hills yet there is always something new to learn. I've been fortunate enough to be mentored by some of the best. My advice to anyone learning this trade: ask questions. Blacksmiths in general are very open and love to talk about their trade.

Hope you enjoy our site


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